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Manufactured Again Certification Application

Please fill in the form below to apply for the Manufactured Again Certification program.


    You must be a MERA member to apply for the Manufactured Again Certification Program. If you are not a member, email [email protected] and request a MERA membership application.

    You must also have a License Agreement to proceed. If you do not have one, email [email protected] and request a Manufactured Again Certification Program License Agreement before filling out this form.

  • Quality Management Systems Verification

  • If no, your company is currently ineligible for the Manufactured Again Certification program. If yes, please continue.

  • ISO 9001 / IATF 16949 Documentation

    Please upload supporting certification documents from an approved registrar for each qualifying facility.

  • Should you need to supply additional certification documents, please email them to [email protected].

  • License Agreement

    Please upload a signed copy of the Manufactured Again Certification program license agreement. If you do not have a license agreement, please email [email protected] for a copy.

  • Next Steps

    Please submit your application. Once approved by the Manufactured Again Certification Verification Committee, you will be invoiced for the licensing fee, based on your total number of qualifying facilities.

    Only remanufactured products from qualifying facilities are eligible to bear the Mark!


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